Hello, my name is Kristin Moras.


I’m a newbie organic gardener and simplicity seeker who's passionate about three things: my family, the environment, and helping others. I created The Mulberry Patch with the help of my techie hubby to connect YOU - and people like you - to simple, sustainable, eco-conscious options for living a slower life in a fast-paced world. 

It's no secret. Life gets busy and if we're not careful our time can easily be consumed with: work, obligations, bills, traffic, stress... If slowing down to focus on the aspects of your life that truly bring you joy is something you'd like to do more of, you'll want to start here. I explain how slow living is not the same as minimalism (although there is definitely overlap with this movement) and how to choose a simplicity lifestyle to bring the balance you crave back to your life. 

In addition to providing information on slow living, I also write about my family's journey towards adopting a simpler lifestyle. You'll find posts and articles covering everything from gardening and home design to mindful parenting and self care, with a dash of food, fashion, and family topics for good measure. 


I hope this blog inspires you to explore a slow living lifestyle and match your real life with the one you've always imagined. Also, feel free to subscribe to the monthly newsletter or follow me on social media. I'd love to get to know you!