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Simple Holiday Recipe: Eggnog French Toast

Simple Holiday Recipe: Eggnog French Toast

Good Morning! Or afternoon rather... Today I want to share with you a DELICIOUS recipe for my favorite holiday breakfast/brunch meal: Eggnog French Toast. Even if you aren't a big fan of eggnog, this recipe won't disappoint. I've been eating it since I was 11 years old, when my mom first started making it. We'd run out of milk, but for some reason we had eggnog, so she just altered the recipe a bit and whala! a new holiday tradition was born. The best part? It's only 7 ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes to make! (As is the case with most French Toast recipes 😜)

If this sounds like your kind of meal then read on for instructions, pictures, and recipe!


Step one: the bread.

This is the most important part of the recipe. You'll want to pick up a nice hearty French loaf, baguette, or some other white bread. Regular Wonder bread won't be sturdy enough for this recipe. I used scratch made Pane Luciane from my local grocery store, because it has some nice sour notes to balance out the sweetness of the eggnog and brown sugar. Even though it's an Italian bread, I think it works well in this "French" recipe.

Step two: the custard.

French Toast is essentially a custard type of dish, similar to bread pudding, but made in your frying pan. To make the mixture you'll need four eggs, 3 tablespoons brown sugar, 3 dashes cinnamon, 1 dash nutmeg, and 1 cup of eggnog. Feel free to spice up your life by adding more cinnamon and nutmeg. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can add some cloves and ginger too ;)

After combining the ingredients in a large shallow dish, you can use a whisk or fork to whip them all together.

Next you'll want to slice your bread into 1 inch slices. TIP: the dryer the bread the better. I let my loaf sit out on the counter for a day so before making this recipe. You don't want the bread to get stale, but you don't want it fresh either. The reason for this is to prevent a soggy French Toast. Dry bread soaks up the liquid just right so that when you fry it, it becomes... well... toast.

Step three: the frying pan.

Before frying, make sure you soak your bread slices for at least 3 minutes or so. I also stab the bread with a fork so more liquid is absorbed. Then it's time to fry! You can use a can oil spray to be healthier, but since this is a holiday recipe I say use butter! Lots and lots of butter!

Put your bread slices in your preheated pan and fry for 3-4 minutes, or until golden brown like the picture below.

If you've made it this far then congratulations! Now you're ready to EAT and ENJOY. The outside should be crispy with buttery goodness and the inside should be fluffy and light with all those wonderful spices dancing on your tongue.  

Of course, the true indication of a satisfying French Toast is if your little one enjoys it...

I think he likes it!

Like I mentioned before, this recipe is great even if your not a big fan of eggnog. You can play with the spice blends and get fancy by adding some orange zest. We are heathens and don't eat our French Toast with maple syrup, but you can't go wrong by adding a few tablespoons with some powdered sugar on top. Either way, the point is to get all the warm and fuzzies from sitting down with your family and friends for a nice holiday meal this week, French Toast or not.

From our family to yours, may you have a very merry and bright Christmas! <3


The Recipe: Eggnog French toast

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