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10 Simple Living Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

10 Simple Living Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

Confession: I’m a blog junkie. If I’m not baking a sweet treat, reading a good book, or beating David in a game of scrabble, I’d say I spend most of my free time perusing the blogosphere. There is so much great content out there on virtually any topic. Plus, it’s an amazing way to connect with people who share your passions and interests.

In addition to being addicted to anything blog related, I’m also an aspiring minimalist. So it only makes sense that sites I spend most of my time on are either about living with less or have a strong foundation of minimalism behind its content. I’m always looking for inspiration, motivation, and practical tips I can apply to my life, but there are a few tried and true blogs I always read because they’ve never let me down.

Below is a list of my top 10 favorite simple living/slow living blogs, in case you’re interested in too:


1.       Reading My Tea Leaves | Erin Boyle

I love Erin’s simple and pure approach to life. She blogs about all things lifestyle: family, home life, travel, style. Her commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable living in a tiny NY apartment is really inspiring. She even has a book called Simple Matters, which is a great read on a rainy weekend with a cup of coffee.

2.       Zen Habits | Leo Babauta

I first started reading Zen Habits back in 2010 when I was serving as a full-time volunteer in San Francisco. It seriously changed my life. His approach to minimalist living and health is straightforward, motivating, and it helps that he bares all of his own personal flaws, so you can relate to where he’s coming from. The neat thing about his blog is that it features zero images and no sponsored posts or advertisements. The fact that he has over 2 million readers without the aforementioned is proof enough of the quality of his content.  

3.       Style&Minimalism | Vikki Pearson

I only recently found Style&Minimalism, but already I'm hooked. All of Vikki's posts create a sense of calm and clarity when reading. It doesn't matter if it's fashion related or skincare related, she finds a way to convey elegance and sense without overcomplicating things. She isn't super wordy either, which I like. Here is the first post I ever read (and the one that reeled me in).

4.       French by Design | Si

Simply known as Si, the author of French by Design does a great job of capturing the essence of great home design. She mixes Scandinavian and industrial styles to curate a wonderfully eclectic and beautiful portfolio of some of the most put together homes in the world. Just check out this recent post on dreamy piano rooms and I'm sure you'll find yourself lost on her site like I am.

5.       Minimalist Baker | Dana & John Shultz

For the foodie. All of Dana's recipes are vegan and most are gluten free, but you honestly wouldn't miss the meat. Honest! I've personally been using her recipes for the last couple of years and she hasn't put out a dud yet. I think the thing I like most about her site is that she stays true to the integrity of the foods she cooks with. Very rarely does she try to make an ingredient pretend to be something it's not, such as seitan as a "chicken strip." This creamy acorn squash soup bowl recipe is next on my "to make" list.

6.       Look What I Made | Sarah Halbeisen

I actually found this gem while perusing Instagram one night. One of my guilty pleasures is reading DIY and craft posts, but I rarely ever make the time to try out the projects. That may all change soon thanks to Look What I Made. Her simple projects are creative, elegant, and give the overall sense of an inner child with sophistication. I plan on making these cute paper snowflakes as part of my holiday decorating plan once we settle into our new house.  

7.       Free People Blog | Julie, Joanna, & Jana + many more

Free People, a.k.a BLDG 25, is the embodiment of my hippie soul. Granted, a lot of their content is a little too New Age for my personal tastes, but I find most of what I read to be uplifting, empowering, and overall just a great call to lead an inspired life. You'll have to visit for yourself to see what I mean...

8.       A Beautiful Mess | Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman

This blog is just fun. It isn't explicitly minimalist or simple living focused, but somehow their content still gives me that vibe. It might just be my interpretation, though. Either way, I'd be remised if I didn't include it on my list, because I really enjoy all the different topics covered, especially this post about carpet.   

9.       The Minimalists | Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

This is the bible of all minimalist living blogs. It's where I, along with 4 million other subscribers, first came to know about simple living via their 21-Day Journey to Minimalism. They even have a podcast series and a new documentary available. If you're new to simple living and looking for a place to get started, The Minimalists have you covered ;)

10.    Jenny Mustard | David & Jenny Mustard

Reformed fashion designers, Jenny and David Mustard closed the door on their London clothing store in 2014 to focus solely on blogging and vlogging... and I’m so glad they did! They cover food, health, minimalist living, and unsurprisingly… fashion. They are quirky, clean and refined, with a funny sense of humor. This is one of my favorite posts.


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