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Simple 5 Minute Skincare & Beauty Routine

Simple 5 Minute Skincare & Beauty Routine

Simple 5 Minute Skincare and Beauty Routine

If you're a busy woman, you already know it can be hard to find extra moments for yourself throughout the day. However, finding balance amidst a hectic schedule is critical for self-care. Even if it's just an extra five minutes in the morning, it can make all the difference for your mood and sense of wellbeing.

One way to either get some extra z’s, or savor your morning coffee longer is to simplify your beauty routine. Unless you have a big event or business meeting, the following simple skincare and beauty routine is perfect for the daily grind, plus it only takes 5 minutes!

As an added bonus, the products featured in today’s post are ideal for all skin types. I’ve personally struggled with hormonal acne and rosacea my entire adult life and this routine doesn’t irritate my skin or cause new breakouts. So if you’re like me, no worries, there is hope!

Note: You should also know that this post isn’t sponsored and there are no affiliate links associated with the products featured. I’m sharing with you my simple skincare and makeup routine that I personally use for everyday use. All opinions are my own :)

Simple 5 Minute Beauty Routine: Step One

Step One: Cleanse

Total time - 30 seconds to 1 minute

The key to a simple skincare routine is to invest in high quality products. I’m a firm believer in the motto “you get what you pay for.” I’ve found this to be especially true in regards to treating sensitive skin.

Currently, I’m using Vichy Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Solution. It’s a one step micellar cleansing water which takes off makeup, cleanses the skin, and tones and moisturizes. It’s a bit pricey at $14.50 for a 6 oz bottle, but let me tell you… WOW. It’s worth every penny.

This product was given to me as a gift and it has worked wonders on my skin. It calms redness, doesn’t cause me to break out, and it even does a better job of removing eye makeup than my old eye makeup remover.

If you decide to use the following makeup products in this post, this will be the only thing you need for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. However, if you decide to wear a fuller coverage foundation or are wearing tons of eye-liner and several layers of shadow, you’ll need to add in a cleanser like this one. Otherwise this is as simple as it gets when it comes to skincare routines.  

Simple 5 Minute Skincare and Beauty Routine Step two.png

Step Two: Cover

Total time - 1 minute

I’m in love with La Roche-Posay beauty products, especially their BB Creams and sun care lotions. Not only do they act as skincare products, but they are also great as makeup, which can simplify your beauty regimen immensely.

Right now I’m using the Effaclar BB Blur. It’s an oil absorbing coverage cream mousse with SPF 20. It really streamlines my whole make-up routine, because I don’t have to fuss with lotions, primers, foundations, and then setting powders. I just swipe this product on using a foundation brush and then I’m done. It’s glorious.

Since I suffer from rosacea, it’s critical that I wear high quality sun protection (UV rays are a major trigger for me), while also avoiding chemicals that will cause me to break out. Unfortunately, most drugstore brand sunscreens are too oily for my acne prone skin. After trying several different products, my aunt-in-law gifted me this BB Cream to try (she’s a professional beauty consultant, so I trust her opinion) and it was a game changer.

It was like an immediate transformation the moment I put this product on my face. It reduces the appearance of my pores, covers redness, and eliminates oiliness and shine. You can still see some of my blemishes, since this isn’t a full coverage foundation, but for everyday use I’m completely fine with that. If you don’t have a problem with redness or acne, then this product could possibly be your go-to make-up even for special occasions.

Below is a before and after picture with no filter to show how it looks.


Simple 5 Minute Skincare and Beauty Routine Before and After
Simple 5 Minute Skincare and Beauty Routine Step Three

Step three: Eyeshadow

Total time - 2 minutes

Who doesn’t love Urban Decay? There are so many shades and palettes to choose from, plus they wear for a long time even without primer. My husband almost died when he found out I spent $30 for a small palette of basic shades, but it was totally worth it!

I’ve been using the Naked 2 Urban Decay Basics everyday now for the past 5 months and it looks like I’ve barely used the palette. A little definitely goes a long way here.

Once I’ve finished applying my BB Cream, I use the shade "Stark" as a base coat, followed by the shade "Cover" for the crease. If I’m feeling fancy, I apply a little of the shade "Primal" to my lower and upper lash line, followed by the shade "Undone" on my upper lash line as well.

Again, this is just a simple, everyday makeup look. If I were going somewhere special I’d spend more time applying different layers and contouring, maybe some eyeliner, but in general I just try to add a little bit of color for a natural look.

Simple 5 Minute Skincare and Beauty Routine Step Four

Step four: mascara

Total time - 1 minute

Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never met a mascara I don’t like. Waterproof or not, I’ve never had issues with my makeup running (unless I’m swimming or something) and they all seem to do a decent job of adding fullness. If there is ever an issue with clumps I just take my fingers and pinch my lashes until they are gone and that usually does the trick!

Anyways, I digress. This is probably the most intensive part of this simple skincare and beauty routine, depending on how much product you need to apply. I usually only put one coat downwards on the top of my lashes and then follow up with two or three coats upwards underneath my lashes. Then that's it!

Since I don’t have a big issue when it comes to finding the “perfect” mascara, I usually opt for a drugstore brand. I’m currently using Maybelinnes The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. I got it on sale for about $1 and it’s still going strong 7 months later. The wand is a bit funky, but you can always switch it out for a different one via Sephora’s selection.

In Summary

By simplifying my skincare and beauty routine, it's allowed me to gain roughly 15 extra minutes in the morning. I use this time to either do a quick yoga video before my son wakes up or I'll make tea or a French press and enjoy some quiet time before the busyness of the day sets in.

If you find that your self-care routine IS about spending time putting makeup on, then that's great! You do you girl and hopefully this post just serves as a decent review of products you may or may not want to try out.

Recap of products:

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