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Slow Living Sunday | Dreaming Up the Perfect House: An Introspection

Slow Living Sunday | Dreaming Up the Perfect House: An Introspection

Happy Sunday! Today I'd like to ask you a question:

What is your dream house?

Seriously, I want to know! For the past few days I’ve been reading a book titled Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels, author of The Inspired Room blog and it's really gotten me to think about the meaning of "home" and how to define it on a personal level. In the book she has questionnaires and exercises to help get organized, declutter, and discover how to embrace your unique sense of style so that you can create your dream house in the home you already have.

It’s been so helpful to take time, sit down, and really “dream” up what David and I’s perfect house would look like. While we love our new house, but it’s not yet become a true reflection of our personality. Our old house was filled with memories of being newly married, starting our careers, and the birth of our baby. While I know that all of those warm and fuzzies take time to grow, it’s nice to have a focus on the future and make our current house our dream one.

I’d highly recommend either purchasing or renting this book at your local library. Even if you already feel like you have your dream house, this book will help you create a gratitude list for your home, which will only make you love your house more.   

Here's an example of some of the questions from the book, in case you want to follow along and answer for yourself too.

Slow Living Sunday - Love the Home You Have


What kind of personality does your dream house have?

Our dream house consists of bright and airy decor, with light shades of grey and soft white, as well as a modern minimalist feel. We also love natural wood, so anywhere we can juxtapose earthy elements with industrial ones is a must.


What is the style of your dream house, and where is it located?

David and I have always loved mid-century modern architecture. It’s very clean with precise lines, but also has a fun, whimsical effect too. We used to love the idea of living somewhere urban, but now we like the idea of being further out in the country, with a nice piece of land for an extensive garden, chickens, and maybe even a goat! On that same note, we would still like to be able to drive into town and get to know our neighbors, so not too far from the city.


Describe how well-maintained, clean, or organized it is.

Like most people, we dream of a clean house. The reality is that this is something very hard to maintain with a toddler. So I’d say that our goal would be to have a space that is hygienic, with the kind of mess that makes people feel like they are hanging out in our home vs. a museum or something.


What is your favorite room in your dream house? Why?

Personally, my favorite room would have to be my office/yoga room/daydreaming space. I’m crazy introverted, so having a refuge to go hide away in after a chaotic day really helps bring me balance. I’m also really “spacey.” Having a place to go and be creative helps channel all of the inner thoughts that preoccupy me and brings my ideas to life (via blogging, inspiration boards, crafty things).

For David, it would be a comfy and cozy living room. It doesn't have to be big, just a nice place to put our feet up, relax, and enjoy company.


What colors draw you in and inspire you?

neutral color scheme


Do you dream of hosting big formal parties or casual get-togethers in your house?

I’m not a very formal person and neither is David. We prefer close gatherings of friends and family, where everyone can kick their shoes off, lounge on the couch with a drink, and eat delicious food over conversation. On that same note, we also tend to have the view that a house is built to keep certain people in and others out. I guess you could say that we are shy of strangers, but really our home is our sacred space and we prefer to only share it with those who are near and dear to us.


How would your dream house be a blessing to your family and friends?

ur genuine wish is that when people come over to visit they feel instantly at home. We want our house to feel like your house too.

What about you? What does your dream house look like? Leave a comment here or send me an email with the answers to these questions. I’d love to know!

Starting in February I’ll also be doing Melissa Michael’s 31-Day Love Your Home challenge and posting about our progress. If you’d like to follow along, be sure to subscribe to my email list so that you get updates with each new post.

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