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Simple DIY Spring Wreath

Simple DIY Spring Wreath

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I've always loved making things from scratch. Whether it's food, stationary, or home decor, the sense of accomplishment and pride which comes from creating something on my own is priceless... and addictive (in a good way!). Unfortunately, I think marketing companies are really great at convincing us we need certain products or services, because we lack the talent or skill to either fix or make things on our own. It's so far from true though! There lies a handy and creative genius within each of us, no matter how clumsy or awkward we may perceive ourselves to be. I truly believe this.  

Today on the blog, I'll be showing you how to make a Simple Spring Wreath so easy (not to mention fun) to assemble you'll wonder why you ever bought a pre-made one. 

I must admit I've never made a wreath before... until now. To be honest, I was surprised at how quick, easy, and simple it is to make such a beautiful home decoration. It seriously only took me 30 minutes to make my Spring Wreath. Writing this post about how I did it is more intensive than the actual project was! Plus, I only needed a few supplies to get the job done. 


DIY Spring Wreath Supplies
  • one wreath frame
  • about four branches of greenery, depending on how full you want your wreath to look
  • one bunch of flowers
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters

It's VERY important you use wire cutters for all your cutting needs should you decide to take on this project. I learned that lesson the hard way when trying to use my garden shears to cut some of my greenery. There's substantial wire in there y'all! It took a chunk out of the blade, but I promptly switched to wire cutters and it was smooth sailing from there. 


There are a number of ways you can approach assembling your Spring Wreath. It really just depends on what your style is. I'm a big fan of less is more, but if you prefer more greenery, flowers, some bows, etc... then go for it! There are no hard and fast rules with this project, which is probably why I loved it so much.

This post is more of a generalized technique post versus a "you must follow step by step" verbatum type of thing. If you want to build your wreath one section at a time, it'll work. If you want to place flowers first, then some greenery, followed by any other accents, it'll also work. I personally built mine using a combo of the two strategies.  

First, I built a small section on the wreath to see what it looked like, then I placed the flowers where I wanted them and filled in the greenery afterwards. Then, I used floral wire to secure the greenery and flowers where I wanted on the wreath. Twist ties from sandwich bags also work well.

DIY Spring Wreath - how to place branches
DIY Spring Wreath - How to Tie on Branches Using Floral Wire
DIY Spring Wreath - How to Tie on Branches
DIY Spring Wreath
Simple DIY Spring Wreath
Simple DIY Spring Wreath

The last step is to hang your masterpiece and bask in all its beauty! I'm telling you, so easy. We'll probably leave our Spring Wreath up all summer... or until I get another wave of inspiration. 

If you decide to make this Simple Spring Wreath, I hope you find the process as enjoyable as I did. I'd also love to see what you create or hear your creative input in the comment section below.

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